Payment Options

Please select one of the following payment options.

Online Payment

Only after Resident/Commercial Tenants receive their initial bill will Resident/Commercial Tenants be able to utilize this option. All Resident/Commercial Tenants will need to create a new account and password. How to create new account Please note that paying your bill online will have a processing fee applied to the payment.

Call In Payment

When calling in please have your account number and current statement so we can assist you more quickly. Please note that all payments taken over the phone will have a credit card convenience fee applied to the payment.

Phone: 206-508-7330

Toll Free: (855) 583-3633

Mail In Payment

Utility Payment Center
P.O. Box 179
Little Elm, TX 75068

Please make sure to include your billing statement payment stub.

ACH (Automatic Withdraw)

The amount of our bill will automatically be withdrawn from your account monthly. No additional fees apply the only requirement is that you enroll in paperless ebill. How to enroll in paperless ebill.

Fill out this auto enrollment form and you will be enrolled in the ACH program once you have also enrolled in the paperless ebill option.